Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our first house.....what the hell were we thinking?

Usually when a newly married couple ventures out to buy their first home, they choose something small, manageable, and in relatively good shape.

Not us. Not that we're very proud of that. At least not any more.

I shouldn't even have been looking for a house. We had just re-signed our lease at our apartment complex in Fishers. (Yeah, I know. Hey at least it wasn't Carmel). Emily, my wife, was finishing her masters degree at Ball State. The plan was to wait until she finished school, then spend the next year looking for the perfect house. Something that was just the right size, in good shape, and, at the request (ultimatum) of Emily, built before 1920.

Instead, I, moron that I am, decided to browse some realtor websites just so see what was "out there".

And so begins our story......


carmen said...

Sounds familiar! Except that we bought our 1928 house about 6 months before our wedding and one year before I started graduate school. What were we thinking??!!

Anonymous said...