Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buying an old house? You'll want a crappy truck.

It’s no secret for those of you that have bought a house in various stages of disrepair that nothing comes in handier than a good old worn out pick-up truck.

Meet Old Smoky, our prized 1973 Ford Ranger. Old Smoky got his name, well because when you start him up, big plumes of smoke shoot out from his tailpipe. I have an uncle that used to have the same problem.

Unfortunately Old Smokey didn't come with the two fine looking ladies shown above. Instead he came equipped with a faux wood sided camper top, “questionable” brakes, no heat, an AM radio, several spots of rust, 140,000 original miles, and a tweed seat cover that smelled like an old boat.

We were gifted Old Smoky by the parents of my sister-in-law's then boyfriend Cory. We were so grateful that we agreed to give-up our first born in exchange for the free truck. Sadly, our first born Ella wasn't really a fair trade so they sent her back and told us to keep the truck.

Some of the first work we did on our house was actually on the yard. Our front and backyard were engulfed in Irvington’s worst nightmare, Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus . You can see it in the front yard and along the backside of the house in my previous post. The photo above shows some of our efforts in the back corner of the yard.

Anyway, as you can see above, Old Smoky came in handy as we started to rip this stuff out. It seriously takes a flamethrower to kill this stuff. If you don’t have a flamethrower, you can either resort to some pretty harsh chemicals or, just rip it out with your bare hands. Stupidly, we chose the latter. After several months and about a dozen truckloads to Greencycle we finally had a clean slate for a backyard. So naturally, we then moved on to something totally different.

When we finally do the front yard, I’m going to opt for the flamethrower.