Monday, May 22, 2006

One Thing Leads to Another....and Another....and Oh Dear God, Please Make it Stop!

A few weeks ago, Emily was down in the basement doing laundry when she noticed a random wet spot in the middle of the floor. When she looked up, she saw water dripping from the ceiling. After a little investigating, we realized that the dishwasher had been slowly leaking and seeping through the kitchen floor. I'm not sure how long the leak had been there, but it was safe to say that it had been that way for more than a few days...maybe a few years.

Well now we had a dilemma. Fix or replace? All of the appliances in the kitchen came with the house when we bought it. As close as I could tell, the appliances were all from the Reagan-era...the first term. Our dishwasher had already failed us once, and rarely produced what I would call "clean" dishes.

The leak seemed to be coming from somewhere near the motor, so my vote was to replace. Emily agreed. Of course this discussion then led to..."Well what if we just bought all new appliances?" (I admit, I was the one who uttered those famous words.)

It made sense. These days, some of the package deals that you get on appliances make it very tempting to buy everything at once. We searched several stores but eventually found what we wanted at Sears. Although it wasn't until my second trip to Sears that I finally was convinced to buy from them. On my first trip, the appliance salesman chose to spend more time helping a guy pick out the right vacuum cleaner bags than answer my questions about the $1200 fridge I was looking at. Don't they work on commission? That must be one heck of a commission on an $8 bag of vacuum cleaner bags.

Anyway, on our second trip, the salesperson actually recommended that we come back at the end of the month when they had a bigger sale. Buy 3 appliances over $399 and get 20% off all three. That was enough incentive for me. We picked out 3 while we were there and then went home to wait patiently. On the way, we stopped to stock up on paper plates and plastic cups.

Two weeks later, on the last day of the sale, we forked out the money and bought the appliances. A $100 dishwasher repair had just turned into $3000 worth of new Kenmore stainless steel appliances.

Touché Stickley Bungalow. Touché indeed.

To be continued....

Bonus...Here's a photo of Old Smokey just before he made his first 2006 trip to the landfill. Note the dishwasher.

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amanda said...

Sears is tricky like that... we went in for a new basic refrigerator, and came out with a $2300 refrigerator Mercedes. Good luck with the new appliances!

Jason266 said...

You may know this already, but I only recently found out that South Side Landfill on Kentucky is ALWAYS cheaper than the transfer station at Circle City Recylcing.

Brian said...

Didn't even know that there was a Circle City Recycling.

Katz said...

Oh, Mr. Brian, that's so familiar. When we moved in we needed all new gear; the house came with a stove and not much else.

Jocelyn said...

We're going to the BIG appliance store Friday- so I'm glad you warned me. I understand the one here has 0% interest for a year, which is dangerous too!

I can't wait to see all the appliances in person though- instead of just in ads.