Monday, May 15, 2006

What are the odds....

If you've had a chance to check out the latest edition of American Bungalow, you'll notice that there is an article about a Gustav Stickley designed Craftsman House located in a little historic neighborhood called "Irvington". Sound familiar?

No, strangely enough, it's not our house. It's the Lewis T. Gilliland House.

Given that they have only identified less than 100 true Stickley Craftsman homes that exist in the country, I find it very strange that there are two located in neighborhoods called Irvington. The Gilliland is located in the Historic Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon and ours in the Historic Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis.

That, my friends, is a creepy coincidence.

If you happen to live in the Portland, OR area, be sure to check out Irvington's home tour this weekend as I'm sure the newly restored Gilliland house will be a sight to see.

Needless to say, I'm jealous that ours still has a long way to go.


Jason266 said...

I'm booking the first flight to Portland right now... okay, not really.

Katz said...

If we decide to take off (big-time) Sarah and I would go to Portland. Of course, we couldn't afford a cardboard shoebox out there.

orc said...

And don't forget that Portland is still the cheapest west coast city to buy houses in, even with the doubling of house prices every six-seven years. It's, um, kind of scary to be sitting in a half a million dollars worth of craftsman house and know that if we had to move to a different west-coast city that money would buy us a cardboard shoebox, but not the land to put it on.

Brian said...

Ha! Some of my best friends live in vinyl covered cardboard shoeboxes that they paid half a million for.

If it makes you feel any better... if you sold your house and moved to Indianapolis, that same half a million could buy 2.5 of my Craftsman house.

I guess that's that's the downside of living in a low cost real-estate market.

orc said...

True. But I've already lived in and around Indianapolis, and it's not very much fun if you don't drive :-(

(Chicago is better on the rapid transit front, but it's also not a particularly cheap to buy houses in, either. Sigh.)