Monday, May 15, 2006

Winning the War on Boredom.

Okay, so we've been out of the loop for awhile but in our defense, we've had a flurry of recent activity that has kept us from having much time to do anything. Here's a preview of what's been keeping us busy lately and what you can expect in future posts:

1. Photos. I'm scanning in photos of the house from when we bought it so you can see how little we've actually done in 3 years. Fantastic!

2. Hail damage. Because of some recent hail damage, the roof and the aluminum siding will need to be replaced. We hate them both so we couldn't be happier. We're taking the siding off for good and then replacing the roof. Oh good God that is going to be a big job......Buckle up.

3. Kitchen repair. Our kitchen, by far, the ugliest room in the house, is getting a makeover. The new appliances have arrived and we're working on getting the electrical work estimates. I'm not looking forward to pulling up 7 layers of flooring.

And the house next to us is vacant again so if anyone wants to be our neighbors, just let me know. This house has been foreclosed on twice in three years. I don't know if its cursed or if its just the neighbors....Oh wait, that's us.

Speaking of neighbors, our new neighbors to the south just painted their house. Oddly, they chose the same green color as our siding. It's a definite improvement over what was there before, but now it makes me feel like I live in the burbs where the houses are all the same color.

So in addition to the work on the house, which takes up about 10% of my time, the other 90% has been spent on making neighborhood improvements, trying to move my mother to Indianapolis, help my brother find a job, spring lawn maintenance, and of course, my day job.


Larry said...

Your day-job has to be better than my third shift job (the HP factory in Plainfield). Get me a job, man! :p

I love the house, hated the awnings of course, and the aluminum siding. Good old Indiana hailstorms....solved your problem of the demon siding from hell. Lucky you. LOL

Keep us updated on the house, eh?

Jason266 said...

My wife won't let me use hail damage as an excuse to remove my aluminum siding. Honestly, my house wasn't hit as bad as others...a neighbor's house to the north actually saved me from the worst of the force.

Brian said...

We lost 5 windows, 8 screens and it looks like we live next to a driving range on the north side of our house.

Anonymous said...

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