Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Thing Leads to Another....and Another.... Part Deux

Okay, so should I even bother apologizing for not including a new post in over a month? I’ve seen enough house blogs to know that it is not uncommon for us historic homeowners to get so caught up in actually fixing our home that we don’t have enough time or energy to let others know what’s new.

So, I’m happy to say that I’ve actually found some time. Sadly, its on a plan from Harrisburg, PA to Chicago so I’ve got about 1:38 to write…..lets get right into it.

Here’s part two of some excitement that happened to us a couple of months ago. You can read part one here.

So we’ve got 3 new appliances and we’re $3000 more dollars in the hole. Somehow, we’re still happy about that. I’d love to say that all of our appliances work beautifully and that so far, we’ve had no problems with them. I’d love to say that, but I won’t. Or rather, I can’t. Instead I’ll say that they each have something in common with the plane I’m on. They arrived with their fair share of “baggage”.

The refrigerator so far has been the least problematic of the three. The only problem that we noted is that one of the door shelves on the freezer refused to snap into place because of a slight manufacturing flaw on the door itself. The drawers attach by latching on to these little plastic nubs that are a part if the inside plastic liner of the door. The drawer would somewhat stay in place, but it really wasn’t secure enough to hold anything. We called Sears to ask for a repair and they sent someone out to look at it. Diagnosis: Replace the door. The whole door. Luckily, it was under warranty so we didn’t have to pay the $1100 it cost for a new door. Why a freezer door on a $1300 refrigerator costs $1100, I’ll never know, nor will I care. That is, unless something else goes wrong after the warranty expires. I did feel a bit guilty that it had to come to that but, hey, at least the shelf fits. Now, if I just had some money left to buy food.

Three out of four burners worked on the stove. We bought a gas stove with some special burners on it called “power burners” and “simmer burners”. We should have asked for one with “functional burners” because the “simmer burner” refused to light 9 out of 10 times. The culprit? A little plate that sits on top of the burner and distributes the gas outward towards the ignitor. This problem only cost about $10 to fix. So at this point, I’m averaging about $555 in repairs per appliance. All under warranty of course.

The dishwasher was a fiasco. So much so that I think it deserves its own post. And this one’s getting too long anyway…..