Friday, July 28, 2006

We’re Razing the Roof! Woop Woop!

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but our home and car sustained some damage in freak hail storm that occured several months back. Here's a video of the storm that was shot by someone who lives just north of downtown.

From what others have told me, what the video shows is pretty tame compared to what some other parts of the city had to endure. We happened to be out of town for the weekend visiting the inlaws.

Our insurance estimates placed the house damage at about $15K with nearly half of that going towards a roof. The rest was divided between damage to the aluminum siding on the north side of the house, 5 broken windows (luckily just the aluminum storms), 8 shredded screens, 2 chimney caps, and my crappy aluminum garden shed. Apparently damage claims across the city topped the 500 million mark.

The roofing was a blessing as we were dreading the impending expense of replacing a roof that was quickly approaching the end of its lifespan. Plus it was an ugly grey three-tab asphalt shingle roof that really didn’t add a lot of curb appeal. As a replacement we’re upgrading to the CertainTeed Landmark TL, a lifetime warranty, three-layer, dimensional shingle roof.

Apparently the three layers means triple the cost because that’s how much more these shingle cost than our paltry three tab shingles. We opted for the Landmark TL’s because we like the shake look (our house originally had a shake roof) but we’re not big fans of the fake shading that you see on some of the dimensional shingle roofs. The Owens Corning 50 year dimensional has a short and pretty tame shade but others we looked at including Elk shingles just go way overboard. The triple layer adds much more true dimension than a single layer. We figure that with a roof as prominent as ours, we can’t afford to skimp on aesthetics.

The roofing job will start in early September. We’ve opted for a brown toned color for our shingles (the shake look photo above is our actual shingles) as that should complement the dark brown and mossy green colors that we’ll eventually paint our house. Here’s our inspiration:

Of course, Painting our house will necessitate we take off the aluminum siding first.

When will that happen? Stay tuned...


Jason266 said...

Yeah, we replaced our roof last spring. If I only would have put things off another two years, I could have gotten it for free. Oh well, I did get money to redo the siding. First step: buy a nice can opener to remove the aluminum siding.

Brian said...

Aluminum is going for about 60 cents a pound right now so its a good time to salvage what you have and put it towards your kids college fund.....or beer.