Monday, May 26, 2008

Do You Want Some Fries With Those Shakes?

They've started pulling off the cedar shake shingles on the South side of the house. The entire side will get a new set of shakes and any old shakes that aren't totally destroyed will get re-used on other parts of the house. the name of preservation...and by preservation I mean cost saving.

And this is the view from the attic looking out. This was a little disturbing.

I wasn't expecting to see that much daylight.

Nor was I expecting to see the bat that wandered in through the gaps in the wall.

Time to change my pants.


C&C said...

Bats & bees?!? What a week! Your house is looking great on the outside, very nice!

Green Fairy said...

Wow--that is a lot of light coming through. It's sometimes amazing when you start to disassemble a house; things don't always look as solid as you think they should (although they're perfectly fine).

The house is going to look amazing with new shakes.