Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey Baby, Nice Shingles!

So the roof's finally done. We've gotten several complements on it. But I'm not sure how to take those.

Shingles are shingles. Sure, there are differing degrees of shingles. Different colors, sizes, etc., etc...

We agonized over our shingles. Our roof, if you haven't noticed, is very prominent on our house. Okay prominent is an understatement.

That thing is a freaking olympic ski slope.

Anyway, we knew that our choice for roofing would be a critical one since everyone is going to see it.

This was our roof before the replacement. Grey-three-tab. Basic.

It did it's job. I had no complaints. I just knew that if I ever had the option, I'd like to upgrade.

So we had the option. And we upgraded. The original roof was cedar shake. One of our contractors told us that if we wanted to do the roof in cedar shakes, we'd pay upwards of $15,000 in materials alone. So that was an easy "no". Instead we chose a triple layer asphalt shingle that would give us the appearance of real cedar shakes.

We opted for Certainteed Landmark TL (the TL is for Triple Layer). Picking the right color took FOREVER! But we think we're satisfied.

And here's a close-up shot

We also think we made the right decision because we keep getting complements on it.

Now I'm really nervous about what they'll think of our paint colors.


carmen said...

looks great! can't wait to see it against the purple primer. :)