Monday, May 26, 2008

Recycling and Reinvestment

Last year when we removed the aluminum siding, we decided to take it to the local scrapyard instead of just throwing it away. It was an easy decision when we found out the scrapyard was paying 36 cents a pound. Plus it made us feel good that we weren't filling the landfill with something that could be reused.

So we scraped about 4 or 5 truckloads worth and pocketed about $850.

However we weren't able to remove all of the aluminum. When we started on the exterior of the house a few weeks ago, we told our contractor to save the rest.

There was more than we expected. In all, we salvaged another 250 pounds.

Last weekend we fired up Old Smokey for the first time this year and headed off to the scrapyard.

I say "we" because the lovely wife accompanied me for the first time. She had never been to the scrapyard before. It was like a grade school field trip for her.

You can imagine our combined joy and sadness when we found out that the price of aluminum had gone up quite a bit since our last trip. They were now paying 72 cents a pound.

We pocketed a little more than $188 for this trip. Joy!

Had we waited to take all the siding until this year, we would have doubled that $850. Sadness :-(

So what did we do with the extra $188? Buy a light fixture? Put it towards paint? But some new fangled household tool?

Hell no, we spent it on booze! And lots of it.

The Near East Side Pub Crawl was that evening which conveniently allowed us to reinvest those dollars with several local bars.

Maybe it's a good thing we only got $188. That would have been one hell of a hangover.


Nate said...

"Hell no, we spent it on booze"

A man after my own heart. Something about old houses makes you need a drink once and a while.