Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thanks for the Help.....You Jerks

It's so great living in a neighborhood where everyone helps each other out with their home remodeling projects.

Just last week some friendly neighborhood folk decided that they'd like to help us paint our house.

Unfortunately, their method, while unique, would take just a wee bit longer than the old brush and roller method.

And yellow isn't really part of our paint scheme.

But thanks for the offer.


Jennifer said...

How thoughtful!

C&C said...

OMG, too bad you don't have a webcam or something to catch the little monsters that did that. I would still like to install one just to see what goes on during the day around our house. The bees entry was too funny - I hope they are all gone now though. Good luck to you!

Jayne said...

People are so stupid. I don't understand how vandalizing someone's property can be viewed as fun. But then, I'm not a moron. The person who keyed my car bumper to bumper on both sides a month ago, that's a moron.